Outsource SharePoint development


For a limited time, we are offering businesses SharePoint developers for just $14.98 per hour. Our regular rate is $65 per hour.

(Offer good through September 30, 2010. Send an email to info@walisystems.com for details.)


s your company ready to support the next big wave? To survive in today’s highly competitive, global business environment, companies must hold down expenses in every area of operations. Did your company downsize during 2008? Was your business restructured in 2009? Economic recovery process has already started. Recovery, at the moment, is slow but is expected to pick up soon.  During 2008 and 2009, companies downsized. Some companies streamlined their businesses. Right-sizing was another term heard frequently during 2009. Many companies restructured their businesses. Outsourcing picked up during these last two years. Outsourcing is not a new phenomenon.  Companies, small and big, have been outsourcing their work to cut down their operation costs. Increased competitiveness will continue to pressure businesses to streamline operations. IT operations add tremendous value to the business. It is something without which companies cannot survive. IT forms the backbone of any business today. Yet it is important to stick to the plan. Answer is outsourcing! All major businesses in the US have established overseas operations to compete in the global business economy. Companies that do not have their own offices abroad outsource their IT tasks to the offshore companies. It is considered profitable to outsource IT work to offshore companies. Offshore companies have matured during the last decade. Their focus is on providing not just IT services but GOOD QUALITY IT services.

How do we fit in the picture? Wali Systems, Inc. is an IT services company. We are SharePoint experts. There will be hardly any big company today that will not be using SharePoint. SharePoint development is no joke. Developing and implementing SharePoint applications requires a team of skilled SharePoint experts. Wali Systems, Inc. is NOT a leading global consulting firm. We are NOT a top business technology company but we know our work. We are SharePoint experts and SharePoint is the only thing we know and do. We have a skilled team of SharePoint developers that can augment your in-house SharePoint staff and provide you a way to get top-class SharePoint development services at a fraction of a cost you will incur in hiring new development staff.

SharePoint is an excellent collaboration tool that provides excellent document management capabilities. SharePoint increases productivity and helps in cutting costs with a unified infrastructure. Out-of-the-box features and custom applications provide you a way to meet your specific business needs. You can rapidly respond to changing business needs. You can rely on us for all your SharePoint needs.  We provide complete solutions. We can help you with the following:

1.       Business analysis

2.       Requirements analysis.

3.       Creation of functional and technical specifications

4.       Installation and configuration

5.       Development and deployment of custom applications

6.       Miscellaneous services:

a.       Web part development

b.      Web services development

c.       SharePoint migration

d.      SharePoint upgrade

e.      SharePoint collaboration

f.        SharePoint workflow development

g.       SharePoint integration

                                                               i.      Business data catalog (BDC) solutions

                                                             ii.      Business connectivity Services (BCS)

h.      Search customization

Our SharePoint experts are Microsoft certified and have experience of working with global business enterprises.

Hire a SharePoint resource for just $14.98 per hour.

Contact us today! Send an email to info@walisystems.com. Visit our website walisystems.com for more information.